Why organisation development and coaching can contribute to business outcomes matter to Adrian…

To Adrian, working in organisation development, change and coaching is a passion. He has an uncanny ability through his facilitation to connect and engage with a diversity of people in an empowering way. This leaves them with deeper reflective awareness and insights about themselves, their teams, & the organisation. Adrian thrives in group coaching - whether it’s leadership development, change challenges, and executive coaching - Adrian helps clients to navigate their change, growth and development. He has worked with leaders & managers from all levels and his most treasured coaching experience was with a regional executive team for many years in corporate- and helping their direct reports with customised organisational development; change management, leadership and team interventions.


“I have witnessed managers and leaders achieve success against insurmountable challenges with the right mind set, strategy, vulnerability, and willingness to journey with a trusted thinking partner. I believe that leaders and managers can become effective when they harness humility, courage, commitment and passion in discovering new ways of thinking and being".


I believe in using a multidisciplinary, systems and systemic integrated approach. I value understanding the client’s context, organisational landscape, and dynamics so that the work we do on the axis/boundary becomes possible (duality of client). The coach-client-sponsor relationship is key for impactful business outcomes

Adrian is registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He is a member of Society of Industrial Organisational Psychologists of South Africa.





We value truth, honour, courage, conviction, commitment & transformative change. Our commitment is to serve our client’s growth and development that contribute to business results. We serves as catalysts for meaningful change. We able are to do this only because of our  commitment to our own growth, development and change.